"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug."
--Mark Twain

Cogent, lucid writing is one of the foundations of success. In any industry or professional discipline, those who master the printed as well as the spoken word are far more likely to be widely recognized, sought out as experts, and compensated accordingly.

Companies and professionals, however, can't always find time for the strategically focused writing that enhances their business accomplishments and helps generate prospects. In such cases, the savvy among them outsource some or all of their writing and communications needs to seasoned professionals whose expertise is strategic development and deployment of the printed word across traditional and new media.

Welcome to the Web site of one such professional, Candace Talmadge. This site is designed to acquaint visitors with Candace's writing background and show a few samples of her work, in the Portfolio section.

Since the communications and writing needs of each business or professional are unique, Candace customizes her writing and communications services. On a retainer, project, or hourly basis, she offers:

  • Collaborative (ghost) writing for nonfiction books. In these cases, the client retains copyright and ownership of the material.
  • Professional enhancement writing, such as bylined articles and op-ed pieces, presentations, speeches, and training manuals.
  • Media relations that includes strategic targeting and list development, article placement, positioning as an expert resource, and news release follow-up.
  • Promotional writing, such as ad copy, annual reports, brochures, newsletters, news releases, etc.

Candace has plenty of satisfied customers (Clients Comment). She will be happy to provide additional writing samples and references upon request. Please feel free to contact her with questions or for more information.


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