"I wanted to thank you again for helping me develop my speech to the American Petroleum Institute. This speech went extremely well! I greatly appreciated your fast response and turn-around on drafts. You made this endeavor an extremely easy and pleasant one."

"You took very good notes during the phone conversations and face-to-face meetings that we had, and translated not only what I was saying verbally but also the concept I was trying to get across to the audience. I must confess that when we started this, I was concerned that starting from ground zero, you would not grasp the concepts I wanted to get across to a pipeline audience. However, after reading your first draft, that concern disappeared completely."

"That made it easier for me to delegate a great deal of the specific writing to you, because I knew my concept would be translated in words and phrases that would be meaningful to both myself and the audience I was trying to reach. I also appreciated your punctuality both in turning drafts around and arranging to meet with me. As you know, I was under a fairly limited time constraint and not having to wait to meet, not having to wait on drafts turn-around was a tremendous help."

"Again, thanks and if you would like to share this letter with anyone, please feel free to do so. You have my enthusiastic endorsement."

Carter R. Montgomery
Chief Executive Officer
Longhorn Partners Pipeline

"I appreciate so much all the work you put into the article that was submitted for publication in the ARC News regarding MSA Map. I believe it is very insightful and you have portrayed our company very well."

"Again, thank you for your time and efforts."

Douglas D. Bruton
Bruton Information, Inc.

"Very nice job on Asian marketing. The demographic background gave the story just the context it needed. This is the kind of story I think our subscribers just salivate over."

Barry Hanson
Reuters Advertising & Media Briefing

"Candace has been an absolute treasure to us, and finding her was one of the best things to ever come our way. She "gets it" in terms of journalistic writing and media pitching. She knows what the media wants and she knows how to talk to them in their language. She works fast and efficiently, and the investment we make in her pays back many times over. I trust her judgment and abilities implicitly. The best thing is that she is proactive -- she brings ideas and opportunities to me, which makes my life much easier!"

Gail Cooksey
Cooksey Communications

"Thanks for being so quick and very helpful."

Elizabeth W. Phillips
Manager, Marketing Communications
epicRealm, Inc.

"I've been meaning to mention that I think you've had a string of really good stories lately. All of them-Dell's marketing, Fossil, Hand and Exxon-have been used on Reuters financial services so they've gotten some wide distribution. Many thanks."

Barry Hanson
Reuters Advertising & Media Briefing

"Attached are reprints of the excellent article you wrote. Many thanks!"

Roy G. Miller
Account Supervisor
Michael A. Burns & Associates



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